Coming Back to the World

After a really long time missing in action in the blogging realm, I’ve finally gained enough spirit to start all over again. A friend’s note tickled my wanna-do-something-but-haven’t-done-much senses. Yes, I am having the role of my dream, as a mother and wife. Yes, I’ve resigned my translating job many many months ago. Yes, I am far from consistent and could not hold my own commitment towards myself. Mehhhhh..

Amidst of learning on how to become a real mom – still living with my parents makes me feel more of a daughter than a mother, let alone a wife, whooopss xDD – and still trying to figure out what I really wanna do for le business of mine, I learn how to do some knitting, crocheting, and baking. As for cooking… Not so much. I let the husband to be the more active cook, except in preparing for Rana, where I think I do (must) contribute in that area. Should I write that in capitals to make myself sure? 😀

I’m also trying to continue my amateur wire jewelry work. Doing bits of many things, productive yet not that productive (yet). Still a hobbyist, not yet a businesswoman. And now I’m going to sound like Britney Spears.

As for the title of this blog, Seeking My Yum, I think it’s like seeking the inner beauty for things we’re attracted to. Like finding the core power in workouts. Like embracing the delicious taste that lingers on.. Yum!! 🙂