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A Calling

My mom likes to bring home bananas. So, I have many reasons to be creative with them. To be creative is really an over-statement when all I can do is make smoothies and quick breads [slash] muffins (seriously, I still could not find the difference between them. Also with cupcakes, but thanks to the icing, they’re different enough).

ImageThis is la banana choco bread. I took the recipe from this website


This is what the bottom looks like 😀

ImageThis is it, with its partner hohohoho..

To be frank, making this recipe on and on and on makes me kinda swirly when sniffing egg batter. Oh, me and my slim nose.. But nonetheless, when mama brings banana, I get my calling :))

The Maker in Me

I’ve been discussing with a lot of people about the problems I’m having prior to starting my own business, and the conclusion is still the same; I enjoy the making process more than the marketing part. The other issue I’m having is the nonstandard result of my creations. Lemme share some of them with you..

ImageThese babies, I made a couple of days ago. You can see how evident my inconsistency is in the batches above. FYI, they are my yummy dark choco semi bitter cookies. The color is not because I over bake them. Trust me, I’m honest O:)) I got the original recipe from Mr. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall

ImageThis was my breakfast this morning. One of my many breakfasts this morning. I asked Mba Mutya for the homemade dressing recipe, thanks to my paying-attention-but-care-less attitude when watching the cooking channel. Too much distraction when seeing food, made or the way they’re eaten. The way I photographed it, it looks slightly unappealing.. Maybe for other people ;D

ImageWhile this baby here is still waiting to be processed. My muesli bread.. I got the original recipe from Ms. Jenna.  I kinda like it, and my family said this is the best bread I’ve made, by far. Happy me!

So, what do you think? Still working on my quality check, that’s for sure.. One other thing, maybe I post them here, but that doesn’t mean I’m confident enough to make other people try them. Problems, doh!!!