Challenging Myself

A Facebook friend gave a link about being a new (or different) person for a month and how it could change ourselves for the better. I seldom challenge myself seriously. Here’s the link.


So… I challenge myself to finish a baby sundress by Anna Phelps in a month, marking 23 June 2013 in my calender (and alarm)!!! 

Speaking of challenge, I’ve described how I’m battling with my interest to be an entrepreneur whilst I keep on treating my projects as hobbies and feeling bashful to introduce my products to other people (narcissistic pics that I took of them don’t count!). It’s a click away in turning my hobbies to be serious business. I only need to thicken my skin and be more proud of my work. Changes and adjustments. 

What I think is hard for me to change is my confidence. I tend to automatically act as a subordinate for others. It’s stressful, realizing it yet not doing anything to overcome it. Writing about it pushes me to be more open. But does it really? In my mind; I know how to write (clumsily), I know how to speak (in an unorganized manner), I just don’t know how to share (oh I do share, but maybe not the right thing). Oh, dear me.. Why don’t you wake up and start now? I’m a mother now, why am I still battling this? *sigh*

Borrowing Brother Barney’s phrase, CHALLENGE (SHOULD BE) ACCEPTED!!!!!

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