To Do or Not To Do

I’ve baked some recipes over and over again this past two weeks, or so. On Wednesday my mom asked me to make chocolate banana quick bread for her bowling team. While so, I thought, why not make muesli bread also? So I did. Two recipes-in-one for each. I almost got a heart attack because the quick bread wasn’t burnt evenly and my bread didn’t rise. Four failed recipes would be enough to make me cry. Thank goodness both were not THAT disappointing. Mom’s team mates ate up all of the choco banana, and the muesli is planned to be finished tomorrow ^^. Toasted with butter. As crunchy as a crouton.

This morning I made myself a glass of iced apple tea with lemongrass and orange after baking another batch of chocolate banana quick bread – Yes, yes, I’m finishing the banana stock at home. The tea wasn’t as good as I hoped for. But really, after some time considering, re-thinking, reconsidering, and so on about what my business will be, I tend to not stick to plan. Just today, I thought of making homemade ice cream. I’m still figuring out the how-to’s in making it. No worries. It’s still just an idea. Stacking above other ideas I have in mind.

After realizing how I see my need-to-bake, a question hits me: If (almost) daily baking tires me, do I really have what it takes to become a real baker? Or should I become “just-a-mom”? Speaking of which, I think it’s kinda rude when people assume that being “just-a-mom” means we have all the time in the world to do anything one mom wants. I’m just complaining. Being a homemaker is a 24/7 thing, despite with whom I’m still living with and how much help I’m getting. Jiayo, all moms!!!

I wanted to continue writing but I have a terrible eye condition; they keep shutting down and need to rest :p



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