A Thought About Passion

This morning, I chatted with a friend, continuing our small discussion about homeschooling our children. At the end of the chat, I wrote, “The happier, the more passionate (the child will be).” It gave me more thought about my own passion. What am I really passionate about??

When I was younger, given the many pressure to be successful by my mother, I only wished to be happy. Not until some years ago I found out that happiness is actually a state of mind, a mean in achieving objectives, just a tool. My enlightenment came a bit late ^^;

Then I recalled the day when I was interviewed prior to entering a club in high school. I was asked about my main reason in taking part of that club. I said, “My friends”. Although he was only a year ahead of me, what he said to me afterwards hit me. He told me to come  back if I then altered my answer. Surely enough, that club gave me friends but I did not want to enter it. It was not my passion. But in that age, friends played a big part in creating happiness, right? So, I could not think of another answer other than what I gave. I passed the opportunity to enter that club.

Having Rana into my life gives me a better perspective in seeing what I’m meant to be in life. Life’s hard but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t have fun. I reduce my fears little by little. Although I still couldn’t define what my passion is, my objective is clear. Not every question has answers, but every experience could give us wisdom. Hopefully.

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